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Can A Monograph Be Co-Authored Successfully?

From thesis to monograph

Can A Monograph Be Co-Authored Successfully?

From Thesis To Monograph

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What Is A Single Author Monograph?

A single-author monograph, often referred to as a scholarly monograph, is a comprehensive book-length work that focuses exclusively on a single subject and is authored by a single individual. This specialized form of publication serves to set it apart from other scholarly writings, including edited collections of essays featuring multiple authors, academic dissertations, and articles published in academic journals. Single-author monographs play a crucial role in academia as they allow an individual scholar to delve deeply into a specific topic, providing a thorough and detailed exploration that distinguishes them from collaborative or shorter scholarly formats.

What Is The Difference Between A Monograph And A Contributed Book?

Certainly, let’s clarify the difference between a monograph and a contributed book.

A monograph is a comprehensive book that delves deeply into a single subject, typically authored by either one individual or a small group of co-authors. This type of book is designed to provide an exhaustive exploration of its topic, offering an in-depth analysis from a singular or tightly-knit authorial perspective.

On the other hand, a contributed book is also centered around a single subject, but it involves the collaborative effort of multiple contributors, guided by a volume editor. In this type of book, various experts or authors with specialized knowledge in specific aspects of the subject come together to contribute their insights, making it a collective work that draws from diverse perspectives.

In summary, while both monographs and contributed books focus on a single subject, the key distinction lies in the authorship: monographs are primarily written by one or a few co-authors, whereas contributed books involve multiple contributors led by an editor, resulting in a synthesis of various viewpoints on the same topic.

What Is The Difference Between Monograph And Research Paper?

A monograph, distinct from a research paper or journal article, primarily stands out due to its substantial length. In comparison, research papers tend to be significantly shorter. To elaborate further, a monograph often resembles a book in its extended format, while research papers usually adopt a more concise structure. For clarity, it’s worth noting that as of August 17, 2022, these distinctions between monographs and research papers hold true.

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From thesis to monograph
From thesis to monograph

Monographs may be developed by a single author, up to four authors, or by one or more volunteer editors who oversee the work of individual chapter authors.A scholarly monograph is another way of saying a book-length treatment of one (mono) topic by single author. This is to distinguish the type of publication from other scholarly works, such as an edited volume of essays by different authors, or a dissertation or a journal article.Monograph: A book intended to be a complete treatment of a single subject, written by one or few co-authors. Contributed Work: A book intended to be a complete treatment of a single subject written by multiple contributors led by a volume editor.

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